How did my computer get infected?

Viruses, Spyware & Malware come from the internet and/or programs that are downloaded from the web. These threats originate from computer programmers in the world that make their living by tracking who you are, what sites you go to, personal information (such as birth date, social security number and financial information).

How do I avoid spyware?
Avoid suspicious websites (including: spam, pornographic, and torrent sites). Use caution when clicking on links to other websites. Check the source of emails and attachments. Don’t download free or pirated music, videos or games. Stay away from ad’s and social engineering attacks. Install only trusted and/or purchased software.
How do I remove infections?
The first step to removing Viruses, Spyware & Malware is to boot your computer into safe mode. Followed by running a variety of antivirus/antispyware programs. Make sure to remove all temp files and unwanted registry startup tasks. Go back to app Home page for detailed instructions.
How do I boost the speed of my computer?

Remove temp files and clean broken registry keys with cCleaner. Then check/remove any spyware using the following programs (Malwarebytes, ComboFix, & Microsoft Security Essentials). Defrag your computer’s C: drive by using Defraggler.

Check your computer’s currently installed Memory using Crucial Scan. You may be able to add more RAM to your machine, which can drastically improve performance and speed.

What are good computer maintenance tips?

Daily Tasks: Reboot your computer every day. Make sure to backup important data (documents, pictures, videos, financial info, etc).

Weekly Tasks: Run cCleaner to remove temp files, clean registry and empty recycle bin.

Monthly Tasks: Update/run antivirus & antispyware programs to check for infections. Remove any found threats and reboot computer if necessary. Remove any un-wanted or un-used programs from Add/Remove programs inside of Control Panel.

What are the best programs to use?

Top Antivirus Programs
(Microsoft Security Essentials, ComboFix, & AVG 2017).

Top Antispyware Programs
(Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, & SuperAntiSpyware)

Difference between spyware VS a virus?

Spyware/Malware can have a variety of effects: It can steal your personal information (identity theft). Also, floods your web browser with pop-up advertising, keystroke-logging, slows down internet connection, hijacks your browser and redirects to other URL’s. It can also freeze up programs and crash your computer.

A virus trys to infect a computer and replicate. It’s main goal is to infect as many computers as possible and as fast as possible. When you accidentally install a virus, the malicious code that is the virus tries to find ways to use your PC to infect other machines. Viruses can cause you to loose important data and damage your computer.